How it Works 

1. Visit Murano's Formalwear at 292 Queen Street in Kingston, Ontario and see our collection for yourself!  All of our tuxedos, suits and formal accessories are on display in our showroom. We highly recommend booking an appointment first so we know when to expect you! 

2. During our appointment, we will take your measurements, discuss your style preferences, and answer any questions you may have.

3. We will discuss any necessary alterations required and the pricing for the alterations in order to tailor fit the suit or tuxedo to your desire. 

4. We will showcase shirts, formal accessories and shoes in order to give you the chance to build up your look!  

5. Once your suit or tuxedo along with any shirts and formal accessories you selected are ready, we will contact you and you can come pick it up from our store or we can discuss if you would like it delivered. However, delivery is subject to additional charges.